Marvel Cinematic Universe Part-1

Marvel cinematic universe order or the timeline of MCU

Marvel has an infinite number of universes. Up to now, Marvel has revealed 2,218 universes and among them, they have three main universes, which are “Marvel Universe” aka Earth-616, “Ultimate Universe” aka Earth-1610 or Earth – TRN 414 and the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” aka Earth-199,999 and today we’re going to discuss the Earth-199,999 aka MCU timeline in detail as you have never heard or read before but it is a long long timeline so we’re going to divide our posts into three parts so that it doesn’t get too long to read in a single go. Before going into that we will divide our timeline to relevant time intervals so that it could be understood easily.

Part – I

  • Prehistorical Era – 1st Millennium BC
  • 1st Millennium AD – 1929 AD
  • 1930 – 1945
  • 1946 – 1969

Part – II

  • 1970 – 2006
  • 2007 – 2010

Part – III

  • 2011 – 2012
  • 2013 – 2018


So let’s begin…

Part- I

Prehistorical Era – 1st Millennium BC

Prehistoric Era

  • In the beginning, as the universe exploded into being, six singularities of immense power were forged into concentrated ingots possibly by the Cosmic Entities Infinity, Entropy, Eternity and Death.
  • Over time the infinity stones representing Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul and Time scattered across the Marvel universe, with only those of great strength able to wield them.
Marvel Infinity Stones
Source: Google
  • Beings like the Celestial (ancient beings of immense power), Eson the Searcher, who used the Power Stone to destroy the planets. However, the stone eventually proved too powerful to use an so was encased in an Orb and abandoned in a temple on the planet Morag.
Marvel Eson the Searcher
Eson the Searcher
Source: Google
  • Over time the world’s climate changed drastically becoming covered in ocean, making the temple accessible only once every 300 years, when the waters temporarily receded.
  • Although others of his kind once populated the Marvel universe, the Celestial known as Ego was alone for a great portion of his life, creating his own layers of reality which became a planet he inhabited. Ego journeyed into space to search for other lifeforms but was always disappointed to find mortal beings of limited ability and intelligence, and so he set out on a mission to expand his own lifeforce by planting seeds that would consume various worlds. But in order to be powerful enough to go through with this great project of expansion he needed another being like himself, and so mated with females of other species in the hope they might have a child with Celestial powers.
Marvel Ego
Source: Google
  • On the planet, known as Earth, a meteor of Vibranium struck the continent of Africa, imbuing the plant life in the area with mystical powers. Eventually, five human tribes settled nearby, often going to war against each other until there emerged a leader named Bashenga, blessed by the goddess Bast who consumed a special heart-shaped herb that gave him the powers of the Black Panther. Four of the tribes submitted to his rule, leaving only the Jabari who refused and retreated into the mountains. Wakanda would then hide their true power from the rest of the world, using Vibranium to create advanced technologies for their own uses.
Marvel Black Panther
Goddess Bast with Bashenga – first Black Panther

28,000 BC

  • Developing into advanced cybernetic beings, the ancient Chronicom sent their people to observe and explore other lifeforms in the Marvel universe, sending one of their kind to Earth, where he watched human development, eventually becoming known as Enoch.
  • As the early civilizations of Earth developed, a human by the name of Agamotto acquired the Time Stone, becoming a student of the mystic arts (drawing power from other dimensions to manipulate energy, casting spells like a sorcerer) and the first Sorcerer Supreme, housing the stone in an item called the Eye, which allowed the wielders to safely channel its power.
  • The Eye was then guarded by his followers for thousands of years, as they passed on Agamotto’s knowledge of the mystic arts to new generations.
  • During an age of darkness, before the dawn of the Marvel universe’s nine realms, the Dark Elves ruled unchallenged from their home planet of Svartelheim but eventually lost their authority when other civilizations rose to prominence.
Marvel Nine Realms
Nine Realms
Source: Google

2,988 BC

  • Seeking to return to an age of darkness, Malekith, ruler of the Dark Elves tried to use the power of the Aether or the Reality Stone during the Convergence, an event every 5000 years in which the nine realms aligned.
  • Yet he was soon confronted by the Asgardians following King Bor, who defeated the Dark Elves and used the Bifrost to transport the Aether away.
  • Although Malekith and his closest followers survived the attack going into stasis aboard a cloaked ship, the rest of the Dark Elves were destroyed with King Bor ordering the Reality Stone hidden away in a secret location.
Marvel Malekith
  • Far off in space, the Kree Empire developed into an authoritarian and militaristic culture seeking to subjugate other worlds. However, after a particularly devastating war, the Empire became politically divided in how best to seek vengeance for their losses.
  • One faction decided to send scientists to a number of worlds where they performed genetic experiments on the native populations in the hopes of developing a powerful biological weapon.
  • Some of these scientists came to Earth and through their experiments manipulated human genes to create a sub-race with unique abilities that came to be known as Inhumans.
  • These genes remained dormant inside the host body until exposed to Terrigen mist, which emanated from Terrigen Crystals stored inside Diviners. Although the Kree government soon shut down these illegal experiments, their work on Earth led to the creation of the Hive, a powerful inhuman once known as Alveus, able to manipulate the thoughts of other Inhumans and possess the minds of the dead.
Marvel Hive
  • Originally he was meant to lead the Marvel universe Inhuman army on behalf of the Kree, but instead, he rebelled, leading others of his kind against their creators, banishing them from Earth. Yet the Hive became so powerful his own followers feared him, leading to a human-inhuman alliance which turned against their ruler, exiling him to the planet Maveth through a teleportation device known as Monolith, created by the Kree. Yet not all were prepared to abandon the man who freed Earth from their alien masters and so a cult formed with the intention of bringing the Hive back to rule the planet.
  • This secret society eventually became an organization bent on world domination known as Hydra, with an eternal devotion to the Hive of Maveth, sending human sacrifices through the monolith, so he could survive by possessing new host bodies.
  • Due to these early Kree experiments, Inhuman genes were passed down to the later generations, allowing some future humans to develop special powers when exposed to Terrigen Mist.
Marvel Hydra
Symbol of Hydra
  • Sometime following the First Dark Elf Conflict, King Bor died in a battle leaving the throne of Asgard to his son and heir Odin. In time Odin and his wife Frigga became powerful rulers, with the Allfather even defeating the fire demon Surtur, banishing him to Muspelheim and taking away the source of his great power, the Eternal Flame which was stored in Odin’s Vault.
 Marvel Odin
Source: Google
  • Seeking to establish greater control and authority over the nine realms, Odin and his firstborn child Hela, the goddess of Death, engaged in a campaign of conquest, slaughtering those who stood in opposition. Yet once they subjugated, Hela wished to continue expanding beyond the nine realms, growing so violent and aggressive Odin felt he had no choice but to exile her to a region of Niflheim known as hell, banishing all mention of this portion of their history and establishing a new age of peace and prosperity for the realms they conquered.
Marvel Hela
Source: Google

1st Millennium AD – 1929 AD

  • In the city of K’un Lun, one of the seven capitals of heaven, the people learned to use the power of Chi to heal themselves eventually forming a group of warrior monks known as the Order of the Crane Mother to hone these abilities. However, when five of their members chose to exploit this power to seek immortality, they were banished to Earth through a gate in China that opened every 15 years.
Marvel K'un Lun
K’un Lun
Source: Google
  • The exiles came to be known as Alexandra Reid, Madame Gao, Bakuto, Murakami, and Sowande then founded the Hand, a clan of ninja warriors who went on a campaign of conquest across Asia. However, in one of the villages, they pillaged a young boy known as the Chaste, fought back with a knife he pulled out of his dead mother slaughtering the enemy. He then moved on to train others in his style of combat growing his army into an organization named after its founder dedicated to opposing the Hand.
Marvel Hand
Symbol of The Hand
Source: Google
  • The exiles of K’un Lun went on to continue their work for many years spreading their influence from the shadows responsible for many Marvel universe momentous historical events such as the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.
  • After centuries banished from Asgard, Hela attempted to escape her prison on Niflheim and so to stop her, King Odin sent the Valkyries, a group of elite female warriors sworn to the crown. Unfortunately, they failed in their mission with Hela slaughtering every one of them except a warrior named Brunnhilde, who was so traumatized by the massacre, she fled to Sakaar to work as a bounty hunter.
  • Hela was then defeated and imprisoned once more by the Alfather.
Marvel Valkyries attacking Hela
Valkyries attacking Hela

965 AD – 1929 AD

  • In the year 965 AD, Asgard went to war with the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, who engaged in a campaign of conquest across the nine realms. However, during their invasion of Earth, they were confronted by the armies of Marvel universe Asgard at the Battle of Tonsberg chasing the giants back to their homeworld and ultimately defeating them in the Battle of Jotunheim.
Marvel Frost Giants
Frost Giants
  • After the fighting, Odin discovered the abandoned child of the Frost Giants’ King Laufey and adopted him to be raised in Asgard alongside Thor, his first-born son, and heir to the throne.
  • Growing up together, Thor and Loki shared a special bond becoming known to some on Earth as Gods of Thunder and Mischief. Despite Marvel universe Loki’s affection for his brother he also grew to hate him, jealous of his status as heir believing his parents favor the elder child.
Marvel Thor
Source: Google
Marvel Loki
Source: Google
  • A few decades later around 1014 AD, a thousand year war erupted between the technologically advanced warriors of the Marvel universe Kree Empire and an inter-galactic Capgemini of species known as the Nova Empire.
  • In the 12th century, an Marvel universe Asgardian stonemason who joined their military in a desire to travel abandoned his position as a Berserker Warrior to settle on Earth unhappy with the cruel rage brought about by his deadly staff he broke it into three pieces, hiding the first in a monastery in Ireland, the second in a tree in a National Park in Norway, and the third under a church in Servia, Spain.
  • For years, the Space Stone kept with an encasement known as the Tesseract was held under Marvel universe Asgardian protection hidden away in Odin’s Vault but in 1409 AD the Alfather removed the powerful artifact taking it to Earth where it was placed in a church in Tonsberg, Norway.
  • In 1413 AD, a rogue Marvel universe Asgardian sorceress named Lorelei with a power to manipulate others with her voice attempted to enslave the populations of the nine realms. However, she was eventually defeated and imprisoned by the Asgardian warrior Sif, companion of Thor.
  • Over a century later in 1546 AD, a former Asgardian Berserker now living on Earth under the name Elliot confessed the truth of his background to a French girl who’s brother then wrote it into a story titled “The Warrior who Stayed“.
  • After many years growing their secret society by 1839 AD, the ancient artifact known as the Monolith was in possession of an English aristocrat loyal to Marvel universe Hydra who held the special lottery to determine which of their members would be sent through as a sacrifice to the Hive of Maveth.
  • In 1901, the Council of Nine, a secretive group of wealthy businessmen arranged the assassination of the American President William McKinley. In 1906, the Arena Club was founded in Los Angeles, California as a private club for affluent white males and which served as a meeting place for the Council of Nine.
  • In 1918 just a few months before the end of the 1st World War, Joseph Rogers father of Steve Rogers was killed in a mustard gas attack creating an image of heroism and sacrifice that would greatly influence his son in the future. In 1929 Thomas Gloucester, a member of the Council of Nine orchestrated Black Friday and the Wall Street clashed that would lead the United States of America into an economic depression.
Marvel Chris Evans
Steve Rogers



1930 AD – 1945 AD

  • In 1930, the brilliant German scientist Abraham Erskine began researching the formula for a Super Soldier Serum that would turn an ordinary man into an extraordinary warrior.
Marvel Abraham Erskine
Abraham Erskine
Source: Google
  • In 1934, the German physicist Johann Schmidt, an ambitious member of the ancient cult of Hydra, met the leader of Germany Adolf Hitler and Ernst Kaufmann, head of their Special Weapons Divison at a Wagner Opera in Berlin. Schmidt appealed to Hitler’s sensibilities for Norse mythology, revealing his theory that the legends of old might be real and while Hitler was intrigued wanting to set up a meeting to discuss it further, Kaufmann was outraged, and once the Hitler departed, rejected Schmidt warning him to stay away.
Marvel Red Skull
Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull
Source: Google
  • Heinrich Himmler, however, overheard their conversation and took Schmidt into his service, assigning him to the SS. Schmidt then went on to arrange the death of Ernst Kaufmann during the “night of the long knives“, taking over the Special Weapons Divison, and creating his own research program he named Hydra.
  • Schmidt went about bringing together the brightest scientific minds available to aid him in his research, recruiting Arnim Zola to continue his work developing exoskeleton battle suits. The following year, as Marvel universe Hitler’s Germany became increasingly oppressive, Abraham Erskine attempted to flee to Switzerland but was captured and forced to continue his work on the Super Soldier Serum for Johann Schmidt, while his family was sent to a concentration camp to ensure his loyalty.
  • In 1936, Sarah Rogers died of Tuberculosis, leaving 18-year-old Steve Rogers on his own. However, his friend Bucky Barnes consoled him during this time, telling him that they would be friends till the end, a sentiment which deeply touched young Steve and would help to create a deep bond of loyalty between them.
Marvel Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes
Source: Google
  • By 1937 a 10-year-old girl by the name of Dottie Underwood trained in the red room, a Soviet espionage school where young girls grew into deadly assassins and spies. In the same year, Hydra used the research of Arnim Zola to test a new tank and exoskeleton battle suit in Spain as the nation fought in a Civil War.
  • In 1939, Howard Stark founded Stark Enterprises serving as a vital weapons contractor for the allies during the 2nd World War. In 1940, Howard Stark led a presentation to introduce the incredible strength and resilience of Vibranium, a new type of metal discovered deep within Africa. After Stark then survived a Hydra assassination attempt, he agreed to help serve his country by joining the Strategic Scientific Reserve.
Marvel Howard Stark
Howard Stark
Source: Google
  • In Germany, an impatient Johann Schmidt consumed Erskine’s latest version of the Super Soldier Serum, and while it made him stronger and faster than ever before, it also turned his skin red and disfigured his face, coming to be known by the nickname Red Skull.
  • Erskine was imprisoned for his failure, though he soon revealed to Arnim Zola that the serum worked perfectly, and did exactly what he intended. Yet because of his treachery, Zola told him Schmidt would almost certainly have his family executed.
  • In the same year, a woman named Peggy Carter broke off her engagement to join a new British espionage agency called Special Operations Executive, after the death of her brother in the war.
Marvel Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter
Source: Google
  • As an Agent of the SOE working in partnership with the Marvel universe American Strategic Scientific Reserve, she infiltrated the Hydra facility where Abraham Erskine was being held and rescued him so he might come to work for the allies.
  • In 1941, Steve Rogers was rejected from serving in the armed forces due to various health concerns while his best friend Bucky Barnes was accepted and shipped off to war.
  • Howard Stark, already working in various capacities for the government, joined the Manhattan Project to help develop atomic weapons.
  • In 1942, Red Skull led Hydra soldiers into Tonsberg, Norway, with his studies of Norse mythology leading him to discover the powerful Tesseract hidden away within a church.
  • As Hydra’s search for ancient artifacts continued, the German General Werner Reinhardt discovered the body of a Kree alien in Northern Africa. In 1943, while working for the American government, Abraham Erskine, at last, completed his Super Soldier Serum, using the first dose on Steve Rogers, a small and sickly young man who volunteered because he so badly wanted to serve his country but was rejected from regular military service. Yet while his body was weak, he was brave and selfless, once throwing himself on a grenade to save his fellow recruits, only to find out it was not active.
  • The serum caused him a great deal of physical pain, but when the process completed, he was transformed into a tall, well-built super soldier, with strength and speed far beyond normal human capabilities. And while his invention was a success, Abraham Erskine was soon killed by a Hydra spy who was present to witness the transformation.
  • After the assassination, the agent stole the last of the serum and attempted to escape, but ultimately killed himself rather than be captured by Steve Rogers. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, the last of the serum was destroyed during the chase, and with its creator dead, no other super soldier could be produced.
  • Captain America as he became known, was then used as a propaganda tool for the allies to help raise funds to fight the war. However, he eventually saw combat when he learned his old friend Bucky was trapped behind enemy lines. With the help of Peggy Carter and Howard Stark he then invaded a Hydra facility in Italy, rescuing Bucky and a number of allied soldiers, some of whom became the Howling Commandos, a special unit serving with Captain America in his mission to destroy all Hydra facilities in Europe.
  • However, it would be during one of these missions in 1945, that Bucky Barnes fell from a train, high in the mountains and was presumed dead, though he was later found by Hydra and kept alive as their prisoner.
  • As the war came to a close, Captain America confronted Red Skull aboard the Valkyrie, prompting the Hydra leader to attempt holding the powerful Tesseract in his hand, only for it to activate a portal which transported him to the Marvel universe planet Vormir, where he spent decades as a guide for those seeking the Soul Stone.
  • The Space Stone then burned through the floor of the plane, landing in the ocean where it remained hidden for a time. Realizing that the Valkyrie was on its way to launch a devastating attack against the United States, Captain America chose to sacrifice himself to prevent it, crashing the plane off the coast of Greenland. And while Howard Stark led an extensive search to find him, he instead found the Tesseract, while Steve Rogers was presumed dead.
  • In the final days of the 2nd World War, as Nazi and Hydra officers were being arrested across Europe, a group of American soldiers recovered a substance known as Zero Matter, a transdimensional element which then came into the possession of Isodyne Energy, an American research lab developing new fuel sources.
  • Soon, Werner Reinhardt, another high-level Hydra operative was captured, along with a number of his collected artifacts and discoveries such as a Diviner used to house Terrigen crystals and the alien body of a Kree.


1946 AD – 1969 AD

  • Following the end of the 2nd World War, the Strategic Scientific Reserve continued to operate, dealing with threats to America.
  • After grieving for the loss of Captain America, Peggy Carter wished to continue serving the agency, and so went to work for in the New York office, where, as a woman in a largely male-dominated industry, she struggled to be taken seriously.
  • Even her time working with Captain America was dismissed, as many ignorantly believed she was merely his girlfriend and not a significant member of the team that did so much during the war.
  • Frustrated by the attitude of her male co-workers, Peggy went off entirely on her own to track down and defeat a group of criminals who were in possession of a powerful liquid weapon known as the Zodiac.
  • Yet even after successfully returning the item to the agency, Peggy was scolded for not respecting procedure. Yet others in the government knew how valuable Peggy Carter truly was, so did Howard Stark and so she soon learned she was to be promoted to the leadership of SHIELD, a new agency being established that would absorb the SSR.
Symbol of SHIELD
Source: Google
  • Unfortunately, those plans were put on hold when Stark Industry weapons ended up in the hands of the Soviet Union, forcing Howard Stark to appear before the United States Congress to answer questions about treason. And while he denied the accusations, he fled the country and was absent from the third day of hearings.
  • Working with his trusted butler Edwin Jarvis, Stark then enlisted the aid of his old friend Peggy Carter, swearing his innocence and explaining that this was all as a result of someone breaking into one of his mansions to steal weapons and experimental technology. Stark then warned her that some of what was stolen could prove incredibly dangerous, enlisting her to track down the formula for Molecular Nitrimene, which in the wrong hands might cause mass devastation.
Marvel Jarvis
Edwin Jarvis
Source: Google
  • Though she was still employed by the SSR, she worked on the case without their knowledge and played a vital role in ending the threat. With Howard Stark now a fugitive from the law, his property was seized by the government, and so Stark once again reached out to Peggy Carter, asking her to retrieve a device he called the Blitzkrieg Button, claiming it had the power to cause a city-wide blackout.
  • However, Peggy soon discovered that the device was actually a container, storing a vial of Steve Rogers’s blood. Stark tried to explain that it was his last sample and could potentially produce a number of medical breakthroughs, but Peggy was furious he had concealed the truth and suspected this was simply a scheme to profit off Steve’s blood, and so she emptied the vial into the ocean to keep it from exploitation.
  • In 1947, Peggy Carter reunited with the Marvel universe Howling Commandos, on a covert operation in Belarus to investigate the Red Room Academy, which they discovered to be a Soviet Training facility raising little girls to be expert assassins. Although they lost two of their agents in the mission, they successfully rescued Viktor Ivchenko who claimed to have been captured by Leviathan, the Soviet deep science and espionage agency behind the creation of the Red Room.
  • But in truth, the man was really Johann Fennhoff, former leader of Leviathan who was working with master assassin Dottie Underwood to infiltrate the SSR, to hypnotize the American agents, using them to do his bidding. But after kidnapping Howard Stark, his plans quickly fell apart, thanks to Peggy Carter and her allies, who freed Stark and captured Fenhoff, though Dottie Underwood managed to escape.
  • While incarcerated, Fennhoff met Arnim Zola, together they made plans for the future of Hydra. Continuing to work for the SSR, Peggy Carter was soon involved in yet another important investigation, this time looking into Zero Matter, also known as the dark force, a powerful cosmic radiation with untold potential which was being studied by a member of the Council of Nine.
  • However, the substance was unstable and caused great harm, breaking from its containment to enter the body of Whitney Frost who would murder her enemies in the Council on Nine and use her power within the formerly all-male group.
  • Her exposure to Zero Matter slowly drove her mad until eventually shot by Howard Stark with a Gamma Canon, removing the substance from her body so it could be taken into protective custody by the SSR.
Marvel Whitney Frost
Whitney Frost
Source: Google
  • The following year, the Chinese government filmed a mysterious video, which would become highly classified, in which an unarmed warrior defeated a group of soldiers with weapons. Decades later it would be discovered that this man was the Marvel universe’s legendary Iron Fist, who was protecting the hidden path to the city of K’un Lun.
Marvel Iron Fist
The Iron Fist
Source: Google
  • In 1949, having finally overcome the initial delay, Peggy Carter joined Howard Stark and Chester Phillips in founding the Marvel universe Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, which absorbed the SSR to become a subdivision of SHIELD, devoted to research and development.
  • As part of Operation Paperclip, where former Nazi scientists were brought in to work for the American government, Arnim Zola was freed from prison and recruited by Marvel universe SHIELD, where he and former Hydra agents began rebuilding the organization.
  • During this time they started experimenting on Bucky Barnes who had been kept cryogenically frozen, until able to control his mind so he might serve them as a deadly assassin Winter Soldier.
  • In 1952, the Roxxon Corporation acquired Isodyne Energy. In 1953 Hydra orchestrated the ascension of Nikita Khrushchev, becoming the Marvel universe’s First Secretary of the Central Committee for the Soviet Union in an attempt to destabilize the world.
  • For years Hydra continued their work of manipulating world events, responsible for the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. In 1963, the Soviet scientist Anton Vanko defected to the United States and began working with Howard Stark on the Unity Project, which studied Arc Reactor technology and its potential as a new source of Energy.
Marvel Arc Reactor
Arc Reactor
Source: Google
  • Later that year, under orders from Hydra, the Winter Soldier assassinated US President John F Kennedy. In 1967, Anton Vanko was deported back to the Soviet Union on charges of espionage, and once there, was sent in exile to Serbia for two decades.
  • Howard Stark then went on to claim full credit for the developments in Arc technology. In the same year, Stark Industries returned to the profitable industry of weapons development.
  • In 1969, Hydra assisted in placing Muammar Gaddafi as the authoritarian ruler of Libya.

Stay tuned for Part – II…

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